Unwanted effects of blackheads


It is because of these mistakes that blackheads never run out, they add scars after acne, causing a lack of aesthetic skin

Blackheads, sebaceous glands are a serious problem for many girls. Although not uncomfortable, but they make the skin looks rough, very aesthetic.

Unwanted effects of blackheads

In their daily activities, they accidentally create conditions for blackheads to grow and develop by the following habits:

– Stinging and acne: This will cause serious skin damage, inflammation acne inflammation, severe outbreaks, even cause deep scars, bruises.

– Use a cleansing cleanser, containing a massage oil, rich in soap: the skin will be hurt, more oily, scratched and sensitive.

– Hands on the face: bacteria spread from hand to face and raging, from which the acne swelling, more number.

Unwanted effects of blackheads

– Do not scrub thoroughly after each makeover or use only clean water, cleanser.

– Stay up late, stressed, sad and eat hot, spicy foods that are not good for health, just cause acne.

Unwanted effects of blackheads

The best, safest, and safest way to clear blackheads is not known by all women. Blackheads do not harm anyone, but they are not worth it. The best remedy is that you should go to a cosmetic surgery clinic to help. But if you are eager or afraid of cost so you want to rid yourself of those nasty blackheads, follow these steps:

Step 1: Prepare

Unwanted effects of blackheads

Before you start fighting “blackheads” you should pay attention to the following:

– Choose the old acne, hardened acne and black head.

– Sterilization tools, hand hygiene to prevent infection of the skin.

– Should be at a certain time, a month should squeeze once, but do not squeeze regularly repeatedly.

– Stretch in the evening to restore the skin easier.

Step 2: Wash your face

Unwanted effects of blackheads

Thorough washing of the face is a very important step before molding blackheads. To avoid dust, residue on the skin will cause infection during molding. In addition, the cleansing of the face also helps to clear the skin, when the amount of acne will rise more easily. Choose a mild, moisturizing cleanser that will not dry your skin, making it difficult to squeeze acne. Combined with facial cleansers such as cleansers, sponges for skin to be cleansed effectively.

Step 3: Steam

Unwanted effects of blackheads

You can rinse it by boiling a bowl of boiling water and leave it at a distance sufficiently hot enough for the fryer to heat up. The purpose of sauna is to soften the skin, pores open temporarily to minimize skin damage when the acne. Can add a few drops of tea tree oil into the water to rinse the skin.

Step 4: Squeeze the acne

Unwanted effects of blackheads

Note: Our goal is to remove the blackheads, so do not touch the other nasty acne, they are very vulnerable and inflammatory.

– Do not squeeze blackheads by hand, you need to use acne bumps and acupuncture and be carefully sterilized.

– How to squeeze blackheads properly on the cheeks and forehead is quite simple, gentle stretching facial skin, while pressing the acne squeeze pressing down to acne in the middle. Due to the enlarged pores, the blackheads will easily come out.

– With acne on the sides of the nose is difficult to squeeze and cause pain, sisters need gentle, to plant acne in the direction from the bottom to perform.

Unwanted effects of blackheads

– How to squeeze blackheads on the nose is similar, but to plant the acne in the top down and slightly in, so it will facilitate the removal of acne out, reducing the damage to your skin. and especially painless.

Step 5: Skin Care

Unwanted effects of blackheads

After removing all blackheads on the skin, wash your face clean with cold water to close the pores and apply toner to the blisters just molded.

Unwanted effects of blackheads

To prevent blackheads from growing back, besides the basic skin care procedures such as: Cleansing – Moisturizing – Exfoliating – Apply sunscreen, you may note some of the following products:

Choose a daily cleanser containing Salicylic Acid to cleanse pores and prevent acne.

Use a BHA 2% chemical exfoliant, which will penetrate deep into the pores and get rid of all the dirt. Once the pores are clear, blackheads will decrease. For too oily skin or areas where you live the air is too polluted, maybe try BHA product 9%. They will have a strong impact back to the most stubborn blackheads.