Treating acne cysts


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Acne cysts can be treated with popping, squeezing, or with lasers. Cyst popping can leave acne scars, so it is not ideal. Lasers can accurately extract acne cysts without scarring.

Acne cysts can lie on the skin and in this case popping with a sterile needle, or injections with steroids can help. If they lie deep in the skin, popping acne cysts can lead to long term acne scarring. This is when I use the erbium or CO2 laser with a one mm spot size.

Laser drills a tiny hole in the skin, and this enables us to extract the contents of the cyst. Numbing cream is applied 45 minutes before the laser procedure, so the whole treatment is painless. Healing takes place over 5 days.

In the following weeks I will go thorough many videos on acne cyst treatments, including a treatment I call Popjecting- that’s correct- popping and injecting cysts at the same time! Sounds cool, and is super fun to perform with excellent results!

I will also review all the devices and methods used to treat acne scarring, including TCA peels, INFINI, Fraxel and fractional lasers.

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Dr Davin Lim
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Brisbane, Australia.

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