Why Being Single Makes You A Better Partner When Someone Worthwhile Comes Along!


Human beings are social animals and prefer company rather than being alone at any point in time. It is believed that we are made in pairs and, hence, when we are single we feel some kind of loneliness set into our lives. More so when we see couples walking hand in hand around us.

Experts say that the number of single people is increasing every day. There are several reasons behind this trend. With technical distractions and several work and recreational options available today, women are beginning to love their freedom.

While being single has its downsides, there are also several upsides as well to this status. In fact, being single for some time makes us better people and readies us to handle relationships more maturely and intelligently.

Here are some interesting facts about being single and what we can learn while flashing this status!

1. It Helps You Realize What Makes You Happy

1. It Helps You Realize What Makes You Happy

While being in a relationship, we often forget our individuality and find happiness in thinking alike, eating alike, and doing all things together. If one of the partners is more dominating than the other, the weaker partner tends to follow the stronger partner, causing them to lose their identity in the process. Such kind of an imbalance is unhealthy and leads to emotional instability later in life, especially when the relationship fails. It becomes difficult to gather oneself and move on.

So, you must always remember to love yourself first! It is important for you to understand what brings you happiness. It might be a simple dish you enjoy, a movie that tickles your funny bones, or an old umbrella that means so much to you. Learn these small things about yourself that brings you joy so that the next time you meet someone, s/he loves you for what you are and not for being like them.

Only if you love yourself enough can you radiate love and love others.

2. It Gives You Financial Independence

2. It Gives You Financial Independence

In the olden times, women were deemed the weaker gender and were made to stay home and cook. They were entirely dependent on their partner to take care of them financially while they took care of the household needs. But times have changed drastically now. Women walk shoulder to shoulder with men – be it in the corporate, sports or business field.

Your being single opens up the floodgates of opportunity. You can make your own spending budget, go for that long pending tour around the world, and even splurge on that dress that you have been eying for ages (but had to resist because you had to buy something for your partner).

This is the best time to learn how to save up, manage your finances, and do things the way only you would want to.

3. You Learn To Reconnect With Friends

3. You Learn To Reconnect With Friends

Experts say that singles are better at keeping in touch with friends and relatives as compared to their married counterparts. Once you are married you get into the family mode: your priorities change and you are more concerned about keeping your family happy and spending time with them. Your interests come at the bottom of the list and before you realize it, you forget what you actually like doing.

But, when single, you have the freedom to do what you like! So, you need to take this opportunity to reach out to friends, help each other in times of need, and build bridges.

These things you do when you are single help you become a better human being. It teaches you the real meaning of love, individuality, and freedom – things that keep couples together and make the bond stronger. Moreover, it teaches you the importance of a healthy relationship and gets you equipped for a mature and rich relationship.

4. You Get Time To Rekindle Your Interests

4. You Get Time To Rekindle Your Interests

When we get into a relationship, we are all starry-eyed, dreamy, full of love, and like to spend the whole day with our partner. We spend hours talking and trying to understand what our partner likes, eats, etc., and find ways to please him or her. Our world starts revolving around their world. However, as time passes, this can be stifling for both you and your partner.

Hence, we must make it a habit to develop and nurture our own interest as well so that we can be self-sufficient and find happiness even when we’re alone.  In fact, it is healthy for partners to go on separate holidays and make their own separate set of friends.

Most often, only when we are alone do we sit back and think about what we like. Hence, being alone is sometimes a blessing – it allows us to reflect on things that bring us joy.

We hope this post helped you understand the many pearls of wisdom being single has to offer. Now, the next time you meet someone nice, you will hopefully be emotionally ready to take the relationship a long way!