Painless Acne Treatment


🎈Beauty Lecturer Team
Lin Jiyi / Lin Kaichen / Chen Siyin / Liang Yiqi / Huang Jiaxuan
🎈Professional technology Painless acne / facial massage / acne muscle treatment
🎈 Do not use any equipment, do not use fruit acids and any drugs
🎈Beauty Professional Technology Teaching
🎈In order to adhere to the quality of work, we only receive two VIPs a day.
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Huantai East Beauty Center
💕Kaohsiung Xinyi Beauty Museum
💕Face making cost: 1500 yuan for the average price
💕Service Contents Exfoliating / Cleaning / Facial Massage / Painless Acupuncture
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💕JE Double Head Acne Clip
💕JE top repair type care products
Technical Teaching / Overseas Teaching Invitation
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💕WeChat JE330366
🕰Business hours: 09:00 AM~06:00PM
Huantai East Store 52-14, Nanhai Road, Taitung City (next to the Waterfront Park)
🔆Kaohsiung Store 22 / F, 48-1 Chunyang Street, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City (near Yangming Elementary School)
店 Our shop is reserved by appointment and cannot accommodate temporary guests. Thank you.

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