Largest Abscess I’ve EVER drained – YT sanctioned version

After the ‘flag fairy’ came by my channel and flagged a whole bunch of my videos as ‘inappropriate’ I took them down and now am in the process of editing and reloading them.

I understand that YouTube does not want ‘gross’ videos for the sake of grossness. But look over my channel! It is about medical education and emergency medicine, sure some of this videos make people squirmish but this real stuff.

Anyway…this patient had a chronic fluid sac as a result of remote surgery. On the days prior to his presentation to the ER he had fever and chills, and then the area became even more swollen, red, tender, and hot. Obvious signs of infection of the fluid. Being very careful as to not hit the neurovascular bundle that is on the groin area, I did an incision and then a drainage procedure on this fluid. Ultimately the procedure took like 30 min and still not all the pus was out. At that point I called a surgeon and got the patient admitted for treatment. IV antibiotics and a follow up drainage was all that it took, patient recovered well and was discharged from the hospital a few days later.

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