Kaohsiung Xinyi Beauty Museum-Teacher Huang Jiaxuan-A Needle for Beauty Cosmetologists-Welcome to sign up to learn a skill.


Prosperity is getting worse and worse, prices have been rising, is money not enough?
Do you want to learn a skill to increase your income?
Without any instrument
🌞How to assist various serious skin conditions to come to the store properly?
Train beauticians to professionally answer guest acne and acne problems
Improving Needle-Clearing Techniques
➡️ Nine types of acne causes and treatment
➡️Ten kinds of causes and prevention of acne
原因 ️ Causes of melanin formation and ways to improve spots
➡️ Seven skin types explained
➡️ Painless needle clearing technology
➡️Welcome to add LINE to sign up for class @ 521zbgio
After taking an appointment for a beauty appointment at home after work, the monthly income is increased by 10,000 yuan.
The long-term micro-enterprise of learning a skill, small cost, can take into account the sustainable operation of the family, this store has various professional training courses.
Personally instructed by Taitung / Kaohsiung.

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