How You Know You’ve Pissed Off Your Girlfriend, Based On Her Zodiac Sign


    Each one of us has our breaking points, don’t we? As a majority, most of us can hate the same thing universally. However, certain things uniquely tick us off. You know that saying that goes, “One man’s pleasure is another man’s pain?” We can never replicate each other, even if our core is filled with all things loving and good. And, if you’re that caring boyfriend who loves to have a steady and loving relationship with your girlfriend, then this article is for you.

    While we are in a relationship, the only thing that we focus on is what makes our partner feel loved, beautiful, and important. We seldom pay any heed toward what could be annoying them the most in life. And girls, in particular, are extremely sensitive to the slightest of the things around them. Of course, as a boyfriend, you might have an idea about which flower she loves the most or which coffee shop she enjoys going to. But, guys! You also need to know what ticks off your girlfriend the most. And, what better way to do it than by keeping the zodiac signs in mind, right? So, here’s a small guide that will help you know how you may have pissed your girlfriend off, according to her zodiac sign.

    1. Aries



    Your Aries girlfriend will be hurt if you ask her to pipe down. Aries are energetic souls. They just don’t like to pause or calm down in their lives. Therefore, never ask them to take it slow or take a break. Instead, take them on adventures or do anything that will keep their energy levels on a high note forever.

    2. Taurus



    Your Taurus girlfriend will be hurt if you praise some other girl in front of her. Taurus girls can get downright insecure if you do this. Even if you come back with “not as pretty as you” they’ll still be hurt. Therefore, make it a point to never compliment anybody in front of you Taurus girlfriend.

    3. Gemini



    Your Gemini girlfriend will be hurt if you tell her that her talk didn’t make any sense or sounded silly. Gemini people love their pride and consider themselves to be excellent conversationalists. And, if you happen to ignore their jokes or laugh at their thoughts, they get hurt, alright.

    4. Cancer



    Your Cancer girlfriend will be hurt if you complain about her character. This is because Cancer peeps are extremely emotional. They take a good deal of time to build their trust with the people they meet. And, when your girlfriend, who has trusted you with all her heart and soul, hears complaints about her characteristic traits, she will be inconsolable. They’ll end up feeling like a loser. You don’t want her to feel, do you?

    5. Leo



    Your Leo girlfriend will be hurt if you don’t provide her with reassuring compliments. Leos love dressing up and garnering attention. And, on days when they haven’t due to illness, and you give them a “You don’t look that great today,” you’re bound to hurt them. A Leo girl needs positive validation. Make sure you give her that, no matter what comes your way.

    6. Virgo



    Your Virgo girlfriend will be hurt if you’re going to tell her that you both aren’t a perfect couple. Another name for Virgo individuals is a perfectionist. And, your girl even takes your relationship to be a perfect one too. If you ever make the mistake of saying, “We should learn from that couple,” she’s going to be miffed!

    7. Libra



    Your Libra girlfriend will be hurt if you’re going to ask her to stay away from her friends. Friends are what define a Libra’s soul. And, if you ask a Libra to break ties with her friends, she might not just get upset with you; she might also begin to consider breaking ties with you.

    8. Scorpio



    Your Scorpio girlfriend will be hurt if you’re going to compare her with your ex-girlfriend. Scorpios are very possessive. And, if you highlight the positives of your ex in front of her, she’s going to be really upset with you. Your focus should be around your current girlfriend only and this is the right thing to do.

    9. Sagittarius



    Your Sagittarius girlfriend will be hurt if you’re going to term her free-spirited nature as childish, in the presences of others. Sagittarius souls are known to have an explorer’s heart. They love stepping out to new journeys without worrying about its outcome. And, if you’re going to mock at this, you’re hurting them.

    10. Capricorn



    Your Capricorn girlfriend will be hurt if you don’t appreciate the sincere efforts she’s putting into the relationship. Capricorns are hardworking, sensitive, and romantic people. Not appreciating their efforts will tick them off majorly.

    11. Aquarius



    Your Aquarius girlfriend will be hurt if you tell her to behave. Aquarius souls are crazy! They love being their quirky selves and do things out-of-the-box. And, if you ask them to walk on the lines of manners, they’ll probably be hurt.

    12. Pisces



    Your Pisces girlfriend will be hurt if you stop her from being creative and force her to be more practical. Pisceans are emotional souls whose minds love to set off on creative journeys. They love having partners who help them channelize their creative energy. They don’t want anybody who’d ask them to shut their creative minds.

    We hope that now you are aware of what can hurt your girlfriend. So keep these things in mind and love her your way. Happy loving peeps!

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