Here Are The Most Colorful Streets In The World


    How do you like your life to be? In our case, we strongly believe that life needs to be a wonderful adventure of exploring places unknown, understanding new cultures, and painting oneself with every region’s unique color. While one can consider that a majority number of the cities around the world are painted in nothing but fifty shades of black and white; there are a number of unique cities and towns that have taken the term, “What is life without a bit of color” too seriously. These colorful streets from across the globe are more than just the colors they are painted with. The streets are illustrious examples of how humans engage with their respective environments and enliven those environments with visually-engaging murals, and in short, they transform their world into works of art.

    So, long story short peeps! If your next jaunt is to any one of these magic towns or cities, you definitely need to stop by these streets and click a good picture. Here’s a very striking list of the most colorful streets in the world. Let’s read colors, shall we?

    1. Burano, Italy

    Burano, Italy


    Burano is a Venetian island in Italy. The streets of Burano are perfectly picturesque owing to the brightly colored fishermen’s houses and also, the cutesy little shops on the streets. When you visit Burano’s streets, they appear like a cheery rainbow greeting you from the emerald green canal. It’s said that the fishermen got into the habit of painting their houses in different colors to be able to identify their homes from far out on the lagoon.

    2. Kampung Pelangi, Indonesia

    Kampung Pelangi, Indonesia


    This southern village of Indonesia got the nickname ‘Rainbow Village’ when the local council gave it a much-needed makeover based on an idea proposed by a teacher named Slamet Widodo. Slamet suggested the village re-invigoration based on her observation of how other cities of the world became famous after being revamped artistically. Now, this village has become a popular tourist attraction for not merely its vividly painted homes but also certain unique pieces of art.

    3. Las Palmitas, Mexico

    Las Palmitas, Mexico


    The low-income neighborhood, Las Palmitas, is a two-hour drive from Mexico City. In the year 2015, the Mexican government sponsored an urban renewal project, for which a group of street and mural artists called the ‘German Crew’ came together. In the following 14 months, the crew transformed nearly 2000 houses that fall on the hillside town of Palmitas into a swath of mind-blowing colorful hues.

    4. Hosier Lane, Melbourne

    Hosier Lane, Melbourne


    Walking down the Hosier lane will feel like walking into the street of a modern art museum. Both international and local artists have enveloped the brickwork with a wide variety of stencils, vibrant murals, and paste-ups. This ever-changing urban landscape attracts millions of art-lovers all year round.

    5. Chefchaouen, Morocco

    Chefchaouen, Morocco


    Just like the Jodhpur city of Rajasthan in India, Chefchaouen in Morocco is a city that’s painted blue. There are several theories behind the houses being painted in different shades of blue in this town of Morocco. One of the most prominent theory is that when the Jews made this city their home after fleeing Spain in 1492, they brought along with them the tradition of painting houses blue. The shades of blue helped mimic the color of the heavens and sky and reminded them of their God. And for nearly 500 years now, this Moroccan city has kept this tradition alive.

    6. Templeman Street Of Valparaiso, Chile

    empleman Street Of Valparaiso, Chile


    This port city on the coast of Chile is ‘all things colorful’. Fondly referred to as ‘Valpo’, this city has an abundance of elaborate street arts, and the narrow streets of the hillside offer colorful, stunning views. The city was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. One can explore arrays of murals and graffiti works, which can be regarded as some of the best pieces in the world.

    7. Colmar, France

    Colmar, France


    It’s a very dreamy town indeed! This idyllic town gets a classy look from more than just cobblestone streets and vineyards. The area radiates charm with colorful traditional buildings and canals in which one can see boats carrying summer flowers. Couldn’t get dreamier than this, could it?

    8. Escadaria Selaron, Rio de Janeiro

    Escadaria Selaron, Rio de Janeiro


    This staircase is situated in the Lapa neighborhood of Rio. Jorge Selaron was the artist who worked on this tile creation for twenty whole years. This creation is a labor of love, which incorporates tiles donated by people all over the world. The staircase comprises of 250 steps and serves as a beautiful memorial to Jorge, who didn’t live long enough to see this amazing creation of public art become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world.

    Each of these colorful streets has its own story. These are also some of the most photographed locations in the world. So, don’t forget to click a picture whenever you happen to visit these places. You, your camera, and of course, your Instagram community of followers will be absolutely delighted with the pictures. Any other colorful street you want to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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