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People say that a fat destroys all
In fact, having acne on your face will ruin all your self-confidence …
The boy in the film, 21 years old, did not use a facial cleanser when his bedding was unclean and his face was oily.
Oily skin is stained with unclean pillows and quilts,
When he retired, his face became like this …
He saw us from the Internet, and he arranged for an appointment in a private message.
When we make faces, we will give guests a candy ^^
The human brain is wonderful
Because the face is bright, we will help our guests to cover their eyes.
When it is invisible (vision is not used)
The brain will automatically strengthen the other four senses: touch + smell + taste + hearing
To reduce guest pain and insecurity
We will automatically strengthen his taste … give him candy
And eating sugar will make your blood sugar rise and fall, and your mood will be relatively relaxed (we are very careful)

This boy came to the shop five times
Among them, the free first aid was four times as high.

However, there was also a relative price. His face stopped deteriorating within half a month, and he recovered 80% in two months.
The next 20% are red pox marks, which is the process that the skin must go through during the recovery …. It can be naturally faded in about three months on average.

At the end of the video, I attached a selfie photo of the boy after making a face for a year (handsome to a ridiculous ~)
Do you or your friends have serious skin problems that you can't handle well?

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