Do you want to learn different beauty techniques? Je Lin Jiyi-Taitung Xinyi Beauty Museum-One to One Professional Class Teaching


Every time you help your guests clear acne, they clear their tears?
After finishing the face, the redness cannot be immediately changed. The guests have to be red for two days before the redness?
Help customers deal with acne and leave scars on their faces?
▲ The most correct course in maintenance
△ The world-famous JE original painless acne technique teaching
▲ One to One Professional Class
△ Small class introduction class (5,000 yuan / 3 hours per class)

Welcome to beauticians in Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macau / Mainland
Want to learn a different beauty technique?
Without any instrument and fruit acid, pure hand-made super professional technology.
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To maintain facial quality, we only accept two guests a day
Cancellation without replacement is prohibited
Business item
JE Pain Free Acne / Whitening Spots / Improve Wrinkles / Microcrystalline Skin Calling / Dentation and Color Scar Treatment / Improve Large Pores
Professional skin consultation / exclusive sale of JE salon care products
The average face price is 1500 yuan (without card / no push lock)
★ Taitung Beauty Center

★ Kaohsiung Xinyi Beauty Museum

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