Clean Your Navel Belly (Umbilicus) Properly Or You may Face this In Your Belly Button


This young man attended our OPD for health check up.On examination of his abdomen I found some Unusual thing in his naval belly.First I felt as if patient has done navel piercing. But on close inspection , deep in his umbilicus I found it not a navel piercing,but some interesting black mass popping his head out side.It was deeply buried inside the navel belly , black in color and difficult to remove.
Patient gives history of presence of this hard mass in his bally button for many years.He felt pain whenever he tried to remove it from his navel opening.
It is called Black stone or calculus of umbilicus .
Also called Umbolith or Omphalolith.
It is usually present as black mass in umbilicus but in small size.But in this case it was of 1 cm x 0.6 cm size black hard stone in his navel belly (umbilicus) which is quite rare.People those do not have good personal hygiene, who never clean properly their belly button , can develop these type of stones.
Chemically it is mainly composed of Keratin and sebum.It is called stone as it is hard in nature.
Patient may remain asymptomatic or may present as pain,swelling and discharge from umbilicus.
If anyone do not clean his / her umbilicus daily properly while taking bath, this thing may happen to anyone.
Parents should clean the umbilicus of their children since childhood and teach their children how they should clean their navel belly while taking bath.
Children must make it a habit to clean their belly button while taking bath.
One should view this video as an educational video for health hygiene.