Anshula Kant World Bank: From Being SBI’s Managing Director To CFO Of World Bank, This Is Anshula Kant’s Journey


    India is a developing country and let’s not forget the various traditions and beliefs that it has woven around it for centuries. In this country, where male dominance is prominent even to this day, it’s always a challenge and a struggle for the female gender to strive and fulfill their dreams concerning careers. And, even if they manage to study well, accomplish their degrees, and start on their career path; once they get married, they fall prey to the inhibitions of their in-laws and most of the time, they give up on their career.

    But you know, there are many women out there who’ve proved otherwise. And, their career stories stand testimony to it.

    We’ve seen Indian women excel in the field of sports, politics, education, etc. However, very few women have dared to enter the financial realm of the world—the bank! And, one among them is Anshula Kant, former Managing Director of SBI (State Bank of India) and if that wasn’t an incredible enough milestone for her. She’s made bigger news for being appointed as the Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the World Bank this July 2019. Haha! Yes, you heard that right, an Indian woman has been appointed at such a high designation in an internationally well-known bank. Let’s take a look at her journey from a normal bank employee to the CFO of a World Bank.

    Who Is Anshula Kant?

    Anshula was born on 7th September 1960 and hails from a small place called Roorke, India. From Lady Shriram College, she did her BA in Economics. And later, went on to finish her masters in Economics Honors in the year 1981 at the Delhi School of Economics. Anshula is married to Sanjay Kant who is a Varanasi-based chartered accountant. She moved to Varanasi after her marriage. She has two kids, a son and a daughter, who are based in the US and Singapore respectively.

    A Brief Look Into Anshula’s Career

    Anshula carries with her the certification of an Associate from the Indian Institute of Bankers. In the year 1983, she was appointed as a probationary officer in SBI. Her enthusiasm towards her work made her work under the various departments of the bank and she also serves as Chief General Manager in the Mumbai circle and also worked as the CEO of SBI, Singapore. She was then appointed as the Deputy Managing Director, SBI in May 2015. She has been working in the banking field for the last 35 years. And, this journey has enriched her with expertise in corporate credit, retail banking, banking in the developed sections of wholesale and retail, and also in cross-border trade. All these enabled her to bag the position of the Managing Director of the SBI in 2018.

    The Workload That Anshula Kant Handled At SBI As The MD

    You’ll faint at the figures that Anshula single-handedly handled as the MD of SBI. Revenues worth 38 billion US dollars and assets that sum up to 500 billion US dollars; that’s how much she managed! She is also regarded for the incredible improvement that can be seen in the capital base of SBI by stressing more on the improvement in the long term sustainability factors of SBI (1). She shined bright when she was handling the stressed asset, risk, and compliance portfolios of SBI. She took up various challenges and beat them all while serving under the various departments of SBI during her tenure.

    Her service towards the development of SBI is commendable as she successfully created quite several good investment opportunities for SBI and at the same time ensuring that risk management game of SBI remains strong.

    Anshula’s Appointment As MD And CFO Of World Bank Group

    David Malpass, the President of the World Bank Group took to the Internet and announced that Anshula Kant’s appointment (2). In his tweet on Twitter, he boasted about the 35 years of rich experiments that Anshula is equipped with and also spoke about how she will be taking over the risk and financial management of the World Bank Group.

    Ansula Kant’s New Role

    As the CFO and the MD of the World Bank Group, Anshula will be handling the risk and financial management and will be reporting to the President, David Malpass. Her other key responsibilities will include the overlooking of financial reporting and of course, she’ll be working in close proximity with the CEO of the World Bank Group, Kristalina Georgieva in handling the IDA (International Development Association) of WB and other financial situations.

    SBI Accepts Anshula’s Resignation

    In an official filing, the SBI said that the government has accepted the resignation submitted by Anshula with effect from August 31 (3).

    We can’t wait to see Anshula take over her seat and shine bright at the World Bank Group. Women like her serve as an inspiration to every aspiring individual who wants to make it big in the world of banking. Congratulations Anshula!

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