(Admissions) One-on-one Professional Class Teaching-Kaohsiung Xinyi Beauty Museum-Teacher Lin Jiyi


Are you a beautician who speaks Mandarin and Do you interested in the painless technique of Taiwanese JE Lin Jiyi?
Cosmetologists from Hong Kong and mainland China are welcome to come to Kaohsiung, Taiwan to learn the needle cleaning technique.
Three hours in class (one hour of skin theory, two hours of actual practice)
You are a Chinese-speaking cosmetologist. Are you interested in Taiwanese JE Lin Jiyi’s painless needle clearing technique?
Cosmetologists from Hong Kong and the mainland are welcome to Kaohsiung, Taiwan to learn one-day professional acupuncture techniques.
Three hours of class time (one hour of skin theory explanation, two hours of actual operation of Madou)
Class fee 2000 yuan

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