10 Signs showing that your man’s done with you!


10 Signs showing that your man's done with you!

Every relationship lasts only as long as it’s meant to be. At the onset, everyone expects to be with their partner forever but when things don’t go as envisioned, a break up is inevitable. This may especially shatter a person when they are least expecting it. Women are generally expressive about their feelings and may convey their intention to break up directly. However, men believe in dropping subtle hints before they eventually call off a relationship. Here are 10 signs which suggest your man’s done with you:

1. Starts Finding Faults With You

Starts Finding Faults With You

He may have loved the way you sip your coffee or your Sunday pajama look, but now he’ll complain about the loudness of your sipping or the color of your dress. In short, he’ll find faults with almost everything, including the ones that he used to find cute earlier.

2. Being Poles Apart

Being Poles Apart


You may have actually pointed it out to him right in the beginning, but he would have brushed it aside saying ‘opposites attract’. Sadly, the focus of his every conversation now would be how different you both actually are.

3. The Missing Chemistry

The Missing Chemistry

You both may have been the cynosure of all eyes among your friends for your great chemistry. But now, he’ll constantly remind you that the spark is gone. Or worse, he’ll blame you for being a cause of his stress.

4. No Time, No Insecurities

No Time, No Insecurities

Earlier he would have waited hours just to catch a glimpse of you, or would have turned green with envy when another guy asked you out first. Now, he’ll constantly keep looking at his watch restlessly or doesn’t think twice before glancing at other women when he’s out with you.

5. No Messages, No Calls

No Messages, No Calls

He would have called you several times in a day just to hear your voice or texted you throughout the night about how he wished you were with him. Soon, his texts get shorter with each passing day until they’re just one-word responses, and calls you once a week only to tell you how busy he has been.

6. No More Part Of His Plans

No More Part Of His Plans

There were days when both of you planned your weekends together in advance and would be excited until you were finally together. However, you are now constantly surprised at the number of times you’d have walked into his home or called him up only to find him busy in a video game or out with his friends on a ‘planned trip’.

7. Doesn’t Offer To Help

Doesn’t Offer To Help

You call him up to help you fix things in your house, he’ll forward you the number of the maintenance guy instead; you ask him to pick you up from the station, he’ll say his car is under repair. And you begin to miss those days when he’d wait outside your office for hours just to drop you home.

8. Hardly Notices You

Hardly Notices You

You’ve just had an awesome haircut and he walks past you; you wear that pendant he’d gifted you, he hardly notices it. Much unlike those days when he’d compliment you for the smallest things like the color of your shirt.

9. Friendzoned


This is perhaps the worst kind of reverse psychology where he constantly demeans himself in front of you; keeps telling you how you deserve someone better than him; or simply gushes about days when you both were just friends.

10. Turns A Deaf Ear

Turns A Deaf Ear

Gone are the days when he’d eagerly listen to all your stories or how your day was. All that he seems to be bothered now is how quickly he can get away from you.

If any of the above signs remind you of your relationship, then it’s already in the doldrums. You can either give the last shot to salvage it or let it go. For if it’s true love, it’ll surely come back!