Endoscopic Ear Wax Removal using the iCLEARscope® – Mr Neel Raithatha (THC)


Mr Neel Raithatha of The Hear Clinic​ and co-founder of Clearwax – Ear Wax Removal Specialists​ performing Endoscopic Ear Suction (E-suction®) using the iCLEARscope® video oto-endoscope.

Endoscopic dewaxing is the latest innovative technique of removing impacted and troublesome ear wax. It provides many clinical benefits over other methods and was found to be significantly quicker, more comfortable and easier to perform than microscopic dewaxing in a clinical study (Pothier et al., 2006). The main reason for this is due to the wide ‘panoramic’ field of view an endoscope provides of the entire ear canal and eardrum when performing the procedure. The same view is not possible with an operating microscope or head worn loupes.