Endoscopic Ear Suction of Discharge and Keratin – Mr Neel Raithatha (The Hear Clinic – Leicester)


The gentleman in the above video was unable to wear his hearing aid due to acoustic feedback (whistling) caused by the build-up of dead infected skin, ear discharge (otorrhea) and ear wax (cerumen).

He is unable to have ear syringing or ear irrigation performed as he is prone to developing ear infections which would only be exacerbated by introduction water into his ear.

The debris that had collected inside his ear canal was easily removed through endoscopic ear suction which involves no water being pumped into his ear. It can be seen after removing the debris that his eardrum was very opaque and dull with none of his ear landmarks being visible.

The client was advised to visit his GP after the procedure to receive some treatment to treat the underlying infection before wearing his hearing aid. The effectiveness of any prescribed treatment would be more greater now that the debris was no longer present.