20180925-Kaohsiung Xinyi Beauty Museum- Original Je Pain-Free Acne Technology-Welcome to make an appointment


★ ☆ For insisting on the quality of face, only two guests are received a day
Cancellation without replacement is strictly forbidden to cut in. Temporary cancellation and release of pigeons will be blocked.
★ ☆ Business Items
JE Pain-Free Acne / Reduce Spots / Improve Wrinkles / Micro-Crystals / Dent and Scar Treatment / Improve Large Pores
Professional skin consultation / Exclusive sale of JE salon care products / Professional one-on-one teaching
The average price of face is 1500 yuan
No card package / no sales promotion. Those with severe skin conditions are welcome to make an appointment by private message.

★ Taitung Xinyi Beauty Center ~ JE Pain-Free Acne Technology

★ Kaohsiung Xinyi Beauty Hall ~ JE Pain-Free Acne Technology

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