‘ Miracle baby ‘ born with brains out on top


A baby girl was born with brains outside her head who challenged the odds to survive.

After four years of trying for a baby, Catherine Donlon, 40 years old, and her husband, Mark, age 46, discovered their unborn child was suffering from a rare condition called encephalocele during their four week sweep.

The couple devastated, from Accrington, Lancashire, was proposed to cease, with doctors asserting that there would be no possibility of baby survival after pregnancy.

Refusing to abandon his unborn child, the couple continued to get pregnant, with the daughter Alana was born by C-section on March 15, 2015, weighing 8lb 5oz.

Young people, now the three, immediately plunge take care actively and undergo a seven-hour fatigue operation to remove the outside part of her brain for only 8 days of age.

Although allowed to go home a week later, Alana’s status made her severely handicapped, with the child unable to walk, registered blind and epilepsy every few weeks. She even has a self-harm by cutting the nail face.

Ms Donlon said: ‘ She can get stuck, but she is a magic child and we love her ‘.

' Miracle baby ' born with brains out on top

' Miracle baby ' born with brains out on top
‘ I don’t want to be the person ending her life ‘

Talking about discovering the status of her daughter, Ms. Donlon, a payment assistant, said: ‘ Mark and I am determined to give her a chance.

“The doctors said that maybe she would die in my womb or as soon as she was born, but I tried too long to have her that it was not an option for me.

‘ I don’t want to be the end of her life. ‘

The couple, who also had the 9-year-old boy named Emily, were told that if the child survived the womb, she was almost certainly dead soon after birth.

Ms Donlon said: ‘ It touches and travels everywhere, but it’s an easy pregnancy. We just have to wait and see. ‘

' Miracle baby ' born with brains out on top

' Miracle baby ' born with brains out on top

' Miracle baby ' born with brains out on top

' Miracle baby ' born with brains out on top

' Miracle baby ' born with brains out on top

‘ To me she’s so beautiful ‘

Determined to see the pregnancy over, the couple was introduced from the canton of Burnley to the Saint Mary’s Hospital in Manchester where a team of experts awaits.

Ms. Donlon said: ‘ We had plans in that I would have part C and the team would be ready to save her life. We want to do all that can to help her.


“It’s strange that she was born, because she never cried. They brought her out and I could see her face, but because she didn’t cause the noise, we didn’t know she was dead or alive.

‘ They told us that she was breathing alone and it was so relieved. Once I hear that, I start to relax and prepare the spirit to go meet her. ‘

A few hours later, the couple came to a special care camp for the first time.

The first time she saw Alana, Ms. Donlon said: “I felt strangely seeing her for the first time, because to me she was beautiful, but she had this growth in the back of the head and she couldn’t move it.

' Miracle baby ' born with brains out on top

' Miracle baby ' born with brains out on top

' Miracle baby ' born with brains out on top

‘ She is my little girl and doesn’t care how she looks. ‘

‘ She is a Miracle baby and we love her ‘ initially, the doctors intend to wait until Alana is bigger and stronger to remove the outside brain, however, fears that it is growing bigger , they decided to operate.

Ms Donlon said: ‘ It’s quite scary when they’re removing some of her brains. We’re so glad she went through that and did a good thing.

“Amazingly, a week later, she could go home, so great.”

While Alana can live at home, she has been severely disabled by her condition and surgery.

Ms Donlon said: ‘ She needs full time care and will spend the rest of his life.

‘ She is blind, has considerable brain damage, is physically handicapped and mentally, and does not walk. She can’t sit alone, but I just learned to roll through.

“She started to be epilepsy about six months ago, this happens a few weeks, but we hope that we will be able to take the medication to control them”.

One of the most difficult things for her donlon is that, for the unknown reasons, Alana tries to harm itself by cutting a nail face.

Ms Donlon said: ‘ It can be really hard, because Alana doesn’t understand.

“We put gloves on her hands to stop her, but she still manages it and we just have to see her 24/7. There were times when her face was covered by cuts.

Now she has to start at an expert school, and she is doing well. You like it and it’s great to meet her with other kids.

‘ She can have her troubles, but she is a Miracle baby and we admire her.

‘ We just do what we have to do. We are a family and we love her. Emily also loves to play with her.