Infected lip fillers – the cause of pus leak out from woman’s lip


Shocking videos show that PUS leaked from the woman’s lips after broken fillers. As the doctor warns the cut-price procedure may cause patient to be deformed permanently

Celebrity cosmetic doctor – Dr Tijion Esho has shared shocking videos of leaked lips. The woman turns her latex from her upper lip after broken fillers.

Dr Esho Cheap product warnings can lead to allergies and even deformation of patients that are encouraged to test physicians who are eligible and are Insurance ahead of time

A terrible video of pus leak out from the woman’s lips shows the underlying hazards of cosmetic fillers.

Dr Tijion Esho, a doctor on the Channel 4 ‘s body fixers, shares the clip of a patient squeezing the thick yellow fluid from her upper lip after it has been infected after a cut-price procedure.

The famous doctor posted on Instagram: ‘ When the lip fillers go wrong. I added a lot of emergencies. This young woman has contacted today with this video. She’s on my emergency desk! ‘

Dr Esho reveals that he is flooded with patients who need help after having fillers administered by practitioners who are not eligible or not registered in an effort to save money. He warned such procedures could lead to infection, die tissue and even distortion.

Infected lip fillers are the cause that pus leaked from woman's lip
Describing the dangers of ‘ inexpensive additives ‘, Dr. Esho told: ‘ Risks include bleeding, bruising, infections and allergies.

‘ In some rare, but most relevant cases, this can lead to a tissue necrosis where the blood vessel is blocked by preventing the blood from the tissue which can then die, resulting in distortion. ‘

Dr. Esho explains infection is a risk of any procedure but this increases when the product or side used is not controlled or under incorrect management.
He said: ‘ The factors that make you at high risk are the use of non-controlled products, a non-sanitary clinic, poor health care and generic syringe. ‘

Infected lip fillers are the cause that pus leaked from woman's lip

The cosmetic doctor urged anyone interested in implementing the process to ensure the registered practitioners, covered correctly and operated from the clean environment.
‘ This is important because medical professionals undergo years of medical training ‘, he continues.
‘ The training not only to implement treatments but also to recognize medical problems and treat independent medical side effects such as necrosis or allergies. This is the most important thing for your safety ‘

How does lip fillers be infected?
1. With the use of cheap products that are not controlled cause reactions to tissues to the secondary infection
2. When the treatment occurs in the condition of non-hygiene as the back of the gym or the patient sofa
3. When there are poor caregivers, such as using the makeup immediately after treatment
4. Share Syringes – this is poorly practices but common in places where people want to minimize costs by sharing a syringe between patients