Terrible video shows mosquitoes trying to reach human skin through a net


A horror film shows mosquitoes try to reach and bite the skin of people through the grid.

The video was filmed by a botanist from the University of Melbourne in Australia, suggesting insects repeatedly trying to cross the network with hoses, or mouths.

According to a report by the CDC, 2018 is regarded as the worst for infectious diseases from mosquito stings, including West Nile virus, Zika virus and haemorrhage – all likely to be fatal.

Although most of the bugs bite we’re not carrying the sick, itchy and red skin comes with it is enough to protect yourself at all cost.

Which anti-mosquito drugs prevent mosquito bites?

Dr Immo Hansen, professor of biology at the State University of New Mexico, has conducted some research on the safety and effectiveness of chasing mosquitoes.

A study in 2015, he studied, considering a number of commercial sprays, found that the products containing DEET are the most effective.

“You must look at the label and watch the percentage but, for 25 per cent or so, it can last six to eight hours, which is longer than most people outside, ” He told.

‘ A smaller concentration would be closer to reapply after every two to four hours. ‘

Some commercial products fall into the type of ‘ 25 per cent or more ‘ this includes insecticidal anti-insects in the form of the fallen insects, containing 25% DEET and Repel 100 anti-insect drugs, containing more than 98% DEET.

DEET, an abbreviation of Diethyltoluamide, is the most common active ingredient in anti-insect drugs. It is believed that chemicals that are blocked by insect receptors are attracted by a substance in the breath and human sweat.

Horrifying video has captured mosquitoes trying to reach human skin through a net, but how can you protect yourself from what is expected to be the worst season ever for mosquito bites?

However, recent evidence has pointed out that the mosquito actually was pushed back because of the smell of chemicals.

Dr Hansen also found through his research that eucalyptus oil, which is extracted from eucalyptus trees, is very good in preventing mosquito stings.

The oil is refined, which increases the concentration of a natural substance called PMD, the natural ingredient to repel mosquitoes.

Dr Hansen said to those who prefer to use a more natural product on their skin, as opposed to a chemical like DEET, the oil can be an option for them.
However, the Environmental Protection Agency warns not to use it for children under three years of age.

Dr Neha Vyas, a family doctor at the Cleveland Clinic, told the Daily Mail Online that there are two other components found in some of the eviction, Picaridin and IR3535-two chemicals developed in the years 1980 – also helps prevent mosquito burn.

‘ You want to use any eviction drug that is approved by EPA, ‘ she said.

‘ On the timing of the day, we once believed it was only the sun to dive until the sun was diving but now we know the different mosquitoes shaped different bites so that you want to be protected 24/7. ‘

Which gadgets do not work effectively in protecting you?

For all product activities, there are also some products that do not work.


Sonic devices, which means to repel mosquitoes through a sound that humans do not hear but insects do, have been found to be ineffective in research in 2015.

“Mosquitoes are not repelled by it and the fact is almost attracted by it,” Dr Hansen said.

He added that bracelets against insects with essential oils are accused of keeping mosquitoes away from not doing more than ‘ giving out a tasty fragrance ‘.

Also found to be ineffective are the B-1 vitamin patches and lemongrass candles.

The candles are said to prevent the olfactory receptor of the mosquito to receive chemicals and odour found on your skin.

“If you lit a candle in your backyard, it’s nothing more than a placebo effect,” Dr Hansen said.

Experts told Daily Mail Online to use bug repellents with ingredients approved by the FDA including DEET, oil of lemon eucalyptus, picaridin and IR3535What kind of clothing should you wear?

When it comes to clothing, Dr Vyas advised wearing clothes that are made of tightly woven fabrics, including cotton shirts and nylon pants.

‘ We try to avoid Spandex or anything loosely woven because the mosquito can pass the riddled and perforation, ‘ she said.

Even though mosquitoes are attracted to more colour odour, they are attracted by dark colours, including clothing such as jeans, leggings and any black clothing.

Dr Vyas recommends dressing in bright colours, having white tones, beige or khaki.

In addition, wearing long sleeve shirts and long pants will provide additional protection as well as toe tight shoes.

‘ Make sure you wear the socks and socks are worn on the pants. Clothes on the socks leave enough room for mosquitoes to get in, ‘ Dr Vyas said.

She says if you want more protection, you can spray Permethrin – a clothing treatment method to prevent ticks, flies and mosquitoes – on your clothes before going out.