Rescued Poor Homeless Dog Attacked by Ticks


We saw him about 50 meters away from the shelter. He was passing across the street one side to another. We moved him aside right on time, 3 seconds away from the chasing truck and a car. He is covered with ticks all over the body. He is treated right away, washed with anti-parasite remedy, and given the food and the water. He has no microchip.

All the ticks will go away and after that, if the vet thinks it is necessary, we will do all the analysis needed. The castration will be ensured. He is about a year old.
Urgently needed a new home for this beauty.

Each of 335 dogs in our shelter was rescued from the street. The every day struggle feeding all of them and providing the veterinary care is big enough. If you are able to help us to get them all the necessary food, we will be very grateful in the name of all of them!