Re-treated abscess on the right lower quadrant of man’s abdomen


This is a nice male who let me film the drainage of his abscess. It’s location is on the right lower quadrant of his abdomen. It was treated by another provider properly by incising the early abscess 2 days prior. There wasn’t much room to place packing at that time, so no packing was placed. The patient started having fevers up to 102-103 with chills likely caused by a worsening infection, since the wound closed prematurely and didn’t let the fluid continue to drain. He comes in today for this reason.
Upon inspecting the wound – it was quite indurated (soft tissue swelling around the abscess, not much fluctuance (bouncy tissue due to pus). However there was pus expressed when squeezed so I decided to re-open the wound and explore to break down loculations (walls holding back other pus pockets). I figured there had to be loculations due to the fevers. Once I opened the wound, there was large spaces within the tissue that was injured by the infection. Once loculations were broken down (see how deep the hemostats went in), patient should heal just fine. The wound was packed with 1/2″ plain gauze and will return in 48h for repacking.
He is on oral antibiotics already.