What’s Popping on my Back? Pustules, Pimples, Zits, Acne & Blackheads


A pustule is a bulging patch of skin that’s full of a yellowish fluid called pus. It’s basically a big pimple. Several conditions, ranging from something as common as acne to the once-deadly disease smallpox, can cause pustules.

They show up when you have some sort of infection your body is trying to fight it off with white blood cells. That can result in a mixture of infected fluid and dead white blood cells (pus).

When pus builds up under your skin or in a pore, it can cause a pustule.

The can be caused by acne, psoriasis, rosacea, chicken pox and even small pox.

Your doctor will treat the condition that’s causing the pustules, but a topical medication you put directly on your skin or an over-the-counter treatment like calamine lotion or benzoyl peroxide gel might help with them in the meantime.

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