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★ ☆ For insisting on the quality of face, only two guests are received a day
Cancellation without replacement is strictly forbidden to cut in. Temporary cancellation and release of pigeons will be blocked.
★ ☆ Business Items
JE Pain-Free Acne / Reduce Spots / Improve Wrinkles / Microcrystalline Skin Calling / Dentation and Color Scar Treatment / Improve Large Pores
Professional skin consultation / Exclusive sale of JE salon care products / Professional one-on-one teaching
The average price of face is 1500 yuan
No card package / no sales promotion. Those with severe skin conditions are welcome to make an appointment by private message.

★ Taitung Xinyi Beauty Center ~ JE Pain-Free Acne Technology

★ Kaohsiung Xinyi Beauty Hall ~ JE Pain-Free Acne Technology

☆ I want to order JE double-head acne clip in Taiwan
https: // shopee.tw/je330366/699601150

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☆ JE salon care products
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The skin wants to be better, here are four teaching videos for you
Causes of Acne
The effect of skin oil and makeup on the skin
Why does keeping skin clean make acne and acne disappear?
The right way to wash your face

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